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Creativity as style of life

This web site is principally an individual parade of unpublished material authored by a professional in computer science and education, in fields spanning from, but not restricted to,

  • music

  • chess

  • photography

  • guitar

and Informatics, whose central role in this site may be somehow considered a way of paying homage to a sort of marriage which is going to celebrate its fortieth anniversary in 2015. You can also see the site as a 2° act of its predecessor "The Nikarts' circle", published on-line in 1998-2001 years, and coming back to light here as a witness only.

Surf-riding in the site should take place hoisting the "Creation as a style of life" flag on behalf of well-tuning with the deepest aims of its author. No matter how much your creations can appear something like masterpieces, it's overall important they are Yours own and, therefore, unique! What is more, it's not just the case to appeal from the lack of natural talent, nothing better as an excuse!

Measuring Yourself, day after day, with trying to create something of your own it's all you have to do: You'll be enjoyably surprised in having proof of continous progress in your challenge, just like for every other sort of training. Finally, the times are suitable more than ever, because of technology (computer) gives you an hand in carrying out your works and in comparing/broadcasting (internet) your ideas, the whole in a quite easy way to approach. That's just the first reading-key of the web-site's subtitle, which wishes indeed, by a side, to compliment  the PC on its valuable role in closing the circle of the author's interests since his youth. On the other hand, it reveals the quite ambitious goal of encircling, in the future, other anonymous people sharing the same flag (Creativity, of course!).

Let me give in conclusion some special thanks (I feel sincerely bound myself in this reguard) to my father, for his love of life and adversity to laziness, I think he has successfully transmitted to me (I consider this one the most valuable parents' gift in favour of their children).

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